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Maha Music Festival – 7/24/10

ben kweller the faint spoon

Along with these photos from the 2010 Maha Music Festival, you’ll notice a new, streamlined view in which you don’t have to go to a separate page to open the gallery…it opens here on the same page in an overlay! I’m in the process of updating archived posts to work this way; and if you go to the list of all artists, those galleries should also open in the same page. Fun, fun, fun.

Anyway, this year’s Maha Music Festival was an awesome event that really gave me hope for the cultural future of Omaha.  There was a great mix of local and national acts and tickets were a bargain ($35) considering the diversity and talent of the artists involved.  Click here to open the gallery of 30 photos from three of the acts (Ben Kweller, The Faint, and Spoon) I got close enough to photograph!

The Faint – 12/29/09

the faint at the waiting room omaha, ne

the faint at the waiting room omaha, ne

Better four months late than never…29 photos HERE.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – 8/9/09

someone still loves you boris yeltsin andrew bird

Oh hey, I also got a new camera during the hiatus. Here is the first show I photographed with it…

33 photos of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at The Waiting Room on August 9, 2009, HERE. At this show I abandoned my hatred for flash photography (but only a little bit).

Andrew Bird – 2/28/09

andrew birdandrew bird

Wow, it’s been over a year since I last uploaded the site. No, I wasn’t dead. No, I didn’t stop photographing concerts. Yes, I was a lazy pile. I think I have pictures from about 15 shows; I’ll try to upload the best 5-7 or so. Or maybe I’ll get bored doing actual work and post more than that.

Just so you know, the site was sketchily hacked or something a while back and my Google results were all messed up, but I’ve got it all cleared up now. There is no malware hosted on this site…I promise.

Also, if you looked at this site before, you caught a glimpse of the only live pictures of Monsters of Folk on the internet! Unfortunately, now there are hundreds of others.

Anyway, on to the photos.  You can see 29 pictures from the Andrew Bird show at Slowdown on February 28, 2009 HERE. I don’t know what was up at this show, but I did some really weird stuff which resulted in lots of (intentionally?) blurry pictures. I really like how a few of them turned out though/

DeVotchKa with Born in the Flood & Basia Bulat – 5/25/08

born in the flood basia bulatHere are more pictures from earlier in the year. There are 18 of openers Born in the Flood & Basia Bulat HERE, and 28 of DeVotchKa HERE


Basia Bulat – 2/24/08

basia bulatbasia bulatbasia bulat

Here are some pictures from the Basia Bulat concert from a couple weeks ago, February 24th,  at The Waiting Room. There are 29 pictures HERE.

Barack Obama Rally – 2/7/08

bright eyesm. ward

An update…finally! I seem to have been in a winter concert hibernation, but things appear to be looking up, with at least a couple shows in the coming weeks. Anyway, here are some pictures from the Barack Obama rally at Slowdown featuring Bright Eyes, M. Ward, and Jim James, among others. There are 85 pictures HERE.

Slumber Party Bands – 11/17/07

bear countrycapgun coup

Here are the pictures from two of the four bands I saw on Saturday at the Slowdown. I have a couple from the other two (Honeybee and Conchance) that I will probably put up later this week. In the mean time, there are 14 of Bear Country HERE and 27 of Capgun Coup HERE.

Stars – 11/4/07


There are 70 pictures from the Stars show on November 4, 2007 at Slowdown HERE.икони

Okkervil River at The Waiting Room – 9/15/07

okkervil riverokkervil riverokkervil river

Here’s the second batch of photos that have been waiting to be uploaded for weeks. These are from the Okkervil River show at The Waiting Room on September 15th. There were Damien Jurado pictures, but I am stupid and had to delete them to make room for LCD Soundsystem / Arcade Fire pictures (which will be posted tomorrow)…sorry.

Anyway, you can see the rest of the 59 pictures HERE.

Cursive w/ Capgun Coup and Coyote Bones – 9/13/07

cursivecapgun coupcoyote bones

So these pictures only took FOREVER to put up. I’m in a posting marathon right now. First up are these three, all from one awesome night of Capgun Coup (26 photos HERE), Coyote Bones (20 photos HERE), and Cursive (a whopping 66 photos HERE).

If you want to see the old-style HTML pages with savable pictures, just get to them from the links on the left side of this page.

Up next, Okkervil River, and LCD Soundsystem / The Arcade Fire…stay tuned.

Capgun Coup – 8/21/07

So I finally saw Capgun Coup, and of course took a bunch of pictures. Here are some that didn’t suck (and maybe some that do). You can see all 34 of them HERE.

Or you can view them in a fancy flash slideshow thingy HERE.Подаръци

Slowdown Opening – 6/8-6/9/07

So I went to both nights of the Slowdown opening, but I went late the first night and missed Capgun Coup, which kinda sucks, but anyway, I do have pictures of Art In Manila, The Terminals, Ladyfinger, Bear Country, and Neva Dinova. You can see all 57 pictures HERE.

Bright Eyes – 6/7/07

After weeks (was it that long? it felt like it) without my computer, I now have a new computer (it was FREE!) and can finally put these pictures up. These are from the “secret” Bright Eyes show on June 7, 2007 at the brand new Slowdown in Omaha, NE. There are 35 pictures HERE.

Pictures from the official opening are coming soon.Икониикони

Andrew Bird – 4/23/07

I have pictures from an AMAZING Andrew Bird show. To add, the opening act was pretty great too. So here you go: 58 pictures of Andrew Bird with Apostle of Hustle at Sokol Underground in Omaha, NE, on April 23, 2007.