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Andrew Bird – 2/28/09

andrew birdandrew bird

Wow, it’s been over a year since I last uploaded the site. No, I wasn’t dead. No, I didn’t stop photographing concerts. Yes, I was a lazy pile. I think I have pictures from about 15 shows; I’ll try to upload the best 5-7 or so. Or maybe I’ll get bored doing actual work and post more than that.

Just so you know, the site was sketchily hacked or something a while back and my Google results were all messed up, but I’ve got it all cleared up now. There is no malware hosted on this site…I promise.

Also, if you looked at this site before, you caught a glimpse of the only live pictures of Monsters of Folk on the internet! Unfortunately, now there are hundreds of others.

Anyway, on to the photos.  You can see 29 pictures from the Andrew Bird show at Slowdown on February 28, 2009 HERE. I don’t know what was up at this show, but I did some really weird stuff which resulted in lots of (intentionally?) blurry pictures. I really like how a few of them turned out though/