by Kayla Benker
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Maha Music Festival – 7/24/10

ben kweller the faint spoon

Along with these photos from the 2010 Maha Music Festival, you’ll notice a new, streamlined view in which you don’t have to go to a separate page to open the gallery…it opens here on the same page in an overlay! I’m in the process of updating archived posts to work this way; and if you go to the list of all artists, those galleries should also open in the same page. Fun, fun, fun.

Anyway, this year’s Maha Music Festival was an awesome event that really gave me hope for the cultural future of Omaha.  There was a great mix of local and national acts and tickets were a bargain ($35) considering the diversity and talent of the artists involved.  Click here to open the gallery of 30 photos from three of the acts (Ben Kweller, The Faint, and Spoon) I got close enough to photograph!